Day Ticket

Day Ticket


The day ticket lake is around 3 acres in size, with maximum depths of 15ft. The lake encompasses 11 large swims that are surrounded by a vast collection of vegetation, making it the perfect environment for catching fish!

Currently the lake record is 37lb 4oz, with 8 going over the 30lb mark and lots between 15lb – 29lb .

The whole day ticket lake is also available for exclusive hire. Club corporate or match bookings. We advise that exclusive bookings are made well in advance, so we can ensure availability. The number of day tickets are limited, therefore bookings are required at least 48 hours prior to fishing.


12hrs – £15

24hrs – £25

(3 rods max)


24hrs – £260

48hrs – £480

72h – £700 

Deposit of £200 is required to secure booking for whole lake.

For more information or to check availability please contact:

Dave for bookings on: 07817163449

For syndicate enquiries: 07907113112


For all booking please call:
07817 163449
Dave – bailiff

"What a great days fishing! Gorgeous surroundings and plenty of big carp to go for. Well recommended."
Simon McCabe
Media Consultant