The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary


This is an absolute gem of a lake in the peaceful Essex countryside situated on private farmland with flushing toilet, secluded and totally secure and protected by an otter proof fence, the lake itself is 18 acres in size with only 16 swims giving you over an acre of water per swim, it has excellent topography with depth ranging from 3ft – 23ft also there are plenty of features gravel bars, silty areas and drop offs there are various types of weed in the warmer months but still very fishable, this contributes to the size and health of our fish supplying a rich natural food source .

It’s has been planted extensively with reeds Lilly’s etc to complement the existing trees and water plants making it a haven for wildlife, the biodiversity provides the lake with a healthy eco system and perfect habitat for our carp to flourish, as for stocking it has over (500+) superb looking thoroughbred English carp to over 41lb and we have loads of thirty’s and hundreds of 20s, the car park is situated next to the lake and we also have clean flushing toilets on site, this is a very sort after ticket nowadays.

For any further information or other inquiries don’t hesitate to contact us via messenger, the bailiffs are also happy to answer questions over the phone. We hope to see you soon!

"Quite possibly one of the finest carp waters in Essex. The stock is out of this world. PB's galore!"
Ali Hamidi