Essex carp syndicates are a set of beautifully hand created carp lakes situated in some of Essex’s most stunning surroundings. 

Each venue has its own unique atmosphere with the natural environment kept to create much needed areas of peace and tranquillity. 

Huge carp thrive in all the venues with many exceeding 30, 40 and the magical 50lb level. 

Each venue caters for anglers with very good levels and capabilities.

Mitchel Rayner, owner and creator of each venue is working tirelessly and is constantly renovating and tweaking the surrounding shrubbery and fauna to create some sublime and well established surroundings. 

His vision is to construct a natural legacy of outstanding beauty that will live on forever. 

"Peace and quiet is all I ask when I go fishing, the only sounds I want to hear are nature and my alarms."
Joe Turnbull