All anglers must abide by all rules at all times. Failure to do so may result in you being asked to leave without refund and without notice and/or explanation.  


  1. Rods are not to be left unattended at any time.  
  • Maximum of 3 rods per person at all times. It is your responsibility to ensure you have the requisite and up-to-date Environment Agency (EA) rod licences. 
  • All anglers must carry the following items with them when fishing: 
  1. Medi Carp/Clinic Gel or other equivalent; 
    1. At least one large unhooking mat; 
    1. A landing net at least 42” in size; 
    1. Recovery weigh sling;  
    1. Retention sling (see separate note on retention slings) 
    1. Cradle;  
  • No keep nets or sacks to be used at any time. 
  • Upon entry, it is a strict requirement that all anglers use the dip tank disinfectant provided, all landing nets, slings.  
  • All fish must be photographed over a matt/cradle.
  • When stalking anglers must have a net to hand. 
  • Fish may be kept in a landing net or sling for a maximum of 10 minutes, fish must be kept wet (i.e. using a bucket) when out of the water at all times.   
  • Treat any cuts and sores on fish with Medi-Carp/Clinic Gel or equivalent being careful to avoid contact with the eyes and gills of the fish. 
  1. Fish should never be lifted above knee height and all fish are to be returned as soon as possible after weighing and photographing. You must endeavour to keep the fish out of the water for the shortest time that is reasonably practicable.  
  1. All catches must be reported via text to Dave (bailiff).  
  1. The use of fixed leads and bolt rigs is not permitted.  The use of leaders or any type of leadcore is not permitted.  
  1. Braided line is prohibited except where it is used for Spod or marker rods.  
  1. Mainline breaking strain must be a minimum 12lb (both mainline and zig rigs). 
  1. The use of barbed hooks is not permitted. Micro barbs however may be used.  
  1. Spodding maggots is no longer allowed. They can only be used as hook baits, in PVA bags or in feeders. As a general rule you shouldn’t be using more than around 4 pints per day. 
  1. Spombs are permitted but only when used in conjunction with a Spomb float.  


  • It is your responsibility to take all litter and rubbish back home with you.  
  • No BBQs on the grassed areas. If having a BBQ on a non-grassed area, make sure it is raised off the ground. Fires are never permitted, generators of any kind are not permitted.
  • The use of drugs is strictly prohibited. Anyone caught using drugs will be removed with immediate effect and may be reported to the police. 
  • Alcohol consumption is tolerated but is limited to a maximum of 4 cans (or equivalent) per person.  
  • Be considerate to other anglers with electronic devices such as radios, portable TVs etc, the use of firearms of any description is strictly prohibited. 
  • Swimming is strictly prohibited, guests are permitted but only with the express prior consent of a bailiff.  
  • Pets may be brought to the lake, but only with the prior approval of a Bailiff.  
  • Use the portable toilet provided. Ensure this is left as clean as you found it.  
  • All cars must be parked in the designated areas. Parking outside of these areas is strictly prohibited.  
  • Entry/exit to/from the lake is not permitted between the hours of 10.00pm and 5.00am. 


BAILIFF : Dave 07817 163449