Cobbs Farm

Cobbs Farm


This lake has already been many years in the making for us and a very long process, with depth up to 45ft in several places over the lake, it’s already proven to be crazy (flatrod) action with all multiple catches common place fishing over bait.

We have had weight gains of 5lb per year across most fish that reside in there and they are used to pellets and boilies etc in large quantities having been fed this feed regularly over the last four years.

These fish are hand selected by us and this venue is very well stocked with over 1000 exceptional carp (The best I’ve ever stocked) rainging from 15lb to 37lb including fish we have grown on ourselves in dedicated stock ponds over several years with strains including the very famous black mirror, Leney’s sutton’s, harrow’s, dinks and our own RISE fish, from several we’ll know fish farms including VS, HEATHER, PRIORY, and CARP4RESTOCKING.

This mix of bloodlines means we have an excellent  genetic pool  with a huge variety of looks, shapes and scale patterns leathers, mirrors, linear’s and fully scaled fish 

We will be taking on a very limited membership for the first year as we want to take things slowly, each member may only use 2 rods and 2 nets as standard as for the first year as things will be crazy .

 If you are interested in getting a ticket please fill out the application form.

Regards – EssexCarpSyndicates

Membership Application - Cobbs Farm

Having supplied Mitch and the team at Essex Carp Syndicates with carp for the last 10 years we didn’t think he would find a venue to match the awesome Rise and Sanctuary Lakes he manages but he may have just gone and done it with this new venue, Cobbs Farm. 

Back in early 2018, whilst stocking the Sanctuary, Mitch mentioned that he had secured a rather large gravel pit nearby but it wouldn’t be ready for 4-5 years as it was still being dug but a recently constructed bund had meant an area of about 10 acres had water in it!  Perfect….. lets get some fish in there to grow whilst the quarry continued the excavation of the remainder!  That winter we stocked hundreds of stunning C3s, a truck load of chunky C4s and a good helping of big framed scaley C5 mirrors were stocked from us at VS Fisheries. Once the fish had been added a feeding programme was drawn up for the stock of almost 1000 fish that included loads of pellet, boilies and cereals.

4 years on and the lake is now completed, full of water and extends to ??? acres with depths from 5 to 40 ft in places! No doubt many of our fish will now be well into the mid 30 bracket with a huge number of 20s awaiting anglers. It is certainly going to be an interesting challenge to those lucky enough to get a ticket when the gate finally opens and start to unlock the secrets of this amazing new venue. One thing that is for certain is with the best fish stocked and great management its going to be a special venue from day one!”

Viv Shears
VS Fisheries Ltd 

"This place is incredible. Be sure to bring 2 landing nets - that's for sure! It might be a new lake but the stock is off the charts and is defo one to watch in the future... it's gonna be a mega water."
Simon McCabe