Fishing day tickets

Our fishing day tickets are only available on the mill. We are sorry but the syndicate lake is for members only and strictly out of bounds for day ticket holders. Only valid day ticket holders are permitted onto the fishing lake no guests.

fishing day tickets lake picturePre-booking is required and therefore you can always guarantee that you will not be turning up at a lake already full of anglers.
Access to the mill is strictly controlled to ensure that the anglers are not disturbed.

Set in the tranquil Essex countryside in Great Baddow Chelmsford. The mill is a well established mixed fishery surrounded by overhanging willows, trees and reeds.

The lake is 3 acres in size and has an average depths of 6-11 feet. With carp in excess of 27lb, our wide and varied fish stocks include an abundance of Carp, Tench 7lb , Bream to 10lb +, Roach, Rudd, grass Carp, Chub, and Pike 20lb and a few cats.

The carp fishing day ticket lake is also available for club and match bookings and for corporate events etc.
The mill is a fishing day tickets water for adults only (18 plus).

Night fishing is permitted buy arrangement only.

£10 for 12 hours - 2 rods
£20 for 24 hours - 2 rods

For fishing day tickets: Phone: 07907113112



The Rise Carp lake
The rise carp lake

The Mill Carp lake
The Mill carp lake